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Game Hunting
Maroi African Safaris caters for the local hunter as well as for the foreign hunter. We have a wide variety of game and game birds to offer on our 10 000 hectares / 24 000 acres of pristine Mopani, mixed Bushveld.
Maroi African Safaris looks forward in offering you a tranquil bush break for the real nature lover. Enjoy our self-catering camp with a fully-equipped kitchen and braai area OR experience a bit more luxury in our Fully catered Luxurious Tented Camp
Packages & Specials
Our Packages and Special Offers are carefully compiled to offer you an African hunting experience to remember!

Helpful Travel Information

Maroi African Hunting Safaris provides all guests with some useful and helpful information to ensure an experience equal to none while on their African Hunting Safari.


GPS Coordinates: 22º11’23.99” S 29º52’07.03” E

Maroi African Hunting Safaris is situated along the banks of the mighty Limpopo River about 15 km from Beitbridge and 30 km from Musina in the Limpopo province of South Africa.

It is only a 6 hour drive from Johannesburg (O.R Tambo International Airport) and a 2 and a half hour drive from Polokwane to experience the ultimate South African Hunting Safaris tours.

Musina Town is a small town with all the necessary items to buy at the available grocery stores and clothing stores. We also have a gunshop that will provide to your basic hunting needs.


The climate is typified by hot summers (September to April) and cool dry winters (May to August).

The region is classed as a semi-arid region, rainfall amounts to about 320 mm per year, with most of this falling in between November and March. Mean average temperatures – Summer: 25°C (77°F) to 44°C (111°F); Winter: 3°C (38°F) to 23°C (73°F).

 The winter seasons are cool during the early mornings and evenings and warm during the day.

The nature is very beautiful but can be relatively dry during some parts of the year. During the summer the sun rises at 05:15 and sets around 18:50. In the winter months the sun rises at 06:30 and sets at 05:45.

All our facilities and vehicles have air conditioning.


South Africa’s currency is Rand. Major credit cards are widely accepted. Many ATM’s are available throughout South Africa where you can make cash withdrawals with your debit or credit card. Currency can also be exchanged at the International Airport or at the Foreign Exchange Bureau in Musina.


Every camp or lodge will have a basic first aid kit on hand, and most safari vehicles will too. But it's handy to bring your own small supply of hand gel, band aids, aspirin etc...




If you wish to not carry too much baggage, there are a range of safari and sporting shops in the Limpopo Province where you can buy additional clothing and gear, while on your South African Hunting Safaris Experience.


Maroi African Hunting Safaris use only highly qualified and experienced professional hunters with numerous years of dangerous game experience and various South African Hunting Safaris knowlegde. All of our professional hunters have been licensed through top accredited agents. With a vast knowledge of animal behaviour and trophy judgement they will make it their quest to harvest you the best possible trophies giving you a world class South African Hunting Safari experience. Combined with the help of a seasoned driver and tracker, who has spent years mastering this difficult and complicated craft, together they form an integral part of a great team, making sure that your chances of success are as high as possible.


Section 73 of the South African Firearms Control Act , 2000 (Act No 60/2000) determine that no person may import into or take in-transit through South Africa any firearms or ammunition without a temporary import or in-transit permit issued in terms of the said Act.

Maroi African Hunting Safaris offers a variety of rifles that can be rented to guests. If you prefer to bring your own rifle(s), you will need to obtain a SAP 520 (Temporary Import Permit) from the Police Station at the Airport.

It takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and it is FREE OF CHARGE.

You will need to notify us in advance if you plan on bringing your own rifle(s) so we can provide you with an Invitation letter. This letter is required by the Police to be able to obtain a permit.

You will also be required to provide any form of permit or license indicating ownership of the rifle.

For American guests, an ATF (Declaration form) form will be sufficient to prove ownership.

Once a SAP520 Permit has been issued, always keep the document on hand while hunting and keep it safe as you will be required to present it at the Airport when departing the Country.

Feel free to enquire more about rifles and procedures directly with us.


The preferred calibers to bring with you are 7x57 (153g0 - 7mm (170g0 - 30/06 (1809r) or 300Wn Mag (180gr). This is what we recommend but it does not mean you are not allowed to use any other caliber, everybody has his own personal preference on their South African Hunting Safaris.

We do however not allow any caliber less than 6.5mm to be used on the Safari. lt is not ethical as it increases the chances of wounding an animal.

Because of the terrain which is mostly hunted, your shooting distance will range from 100 to 200 meters but it does happen that we can get you closer depending on the conditions. We also recommend that you bring about fifty rounds per caliber for your South African Hunting Safari.

As per hunting regulations in South Africa, any dangerous game (Elephant, Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Rhino, Hippo) to be hunted needs to be done with a minimum calibre of .375. This calibre is one of the most versatile out there and with the right ammunition can be used to harvest plains game as well.

We recommend a common calibre for plains game species, your average shots will be anywhere between 100 – 300 yards, bearing this in mind no super fast shooting calibres are recommended. Some of the rifles that have performed best on Maroi have been .300 Win Mag and 7MM, these rifles perform well on antelope ranging from steenbok to eland.

You will also get the opportunity to sight in your rifle on a range prior to the South African Hunting Safari. This is always recommended after a weapon has been transported for long distances. Suitable rifle ranges with solid shooting benches are available.

Prior to your departure from home be sure to practice with your chosen firearms so you are at ease with their features and operation. We suggest your plains game rifle to be sighted in two to two and a half inches high at one hundred yards - this will in effect enable you to comfortably take shots out to two hundred and fifty yards without having to compensate for distance. A scope is also highly recommended for typical Limpopo conditions. (eg. 3-9x42).

Maroi African Hunting Safaris also has a wide variety of rifles in different calibres that are available for clients to use.


You will normally be limited to a maximum of five kilos of ammunition by the airline.

The ammunition, which should be in the manufacturers or similar packaging, is to be placed separately in a lockable case and checked in as hold baggage. It can be placed in your main checked in suitcase or bag, though certain Internal Airport security companies insist it is loaded as a separate checked item.

The RSA Police limit you to a maximum of two hundred rounds per calibre. Many hunters use an MTM type rigid plastic ammo box and find that fifty rounds is more than enough (with plenty left over in case you have to re zero for any reason).

Good bullet choices for most Limpopo plains game include Barnes X, Nosler Partition, Hornady SST, Trophy Bonded Bear Claw and Swift A-Frame or any other proprietary bonded or core locked bullet. Any of the mentioned would be our first choice for soft points among others and have proven themselves over and over in the field.

The animals in Africa tend to have thicker skin and more robust constitutions than European and USA deer species. This demands a bullet designed to hold together and penetrate deeper before expansion. Ballistic Tip bullets are not suitable for plains game.

lnferior quality bullets have been the cause of many wounded animals and unnecessary hours spent following up. Compared to the trophy fees and cost of a safari, bullets are cheap.


We recommend a good quality scope with clear glass for hunting plains game on Maroi African Hunting Safaris. A variable scope of 3-9 power should be sufficient.


Maroi African Hunting Safaris  has numerous style bow blinds. Most bow hunting will either be done over waterholes or over a food substitute such as a mineral lick or fruit.

We have knowledgeable professional hunters that are experienced bow hunters and when booking a bow-hunting safari we recommend that you discuss bow specifications for certain trophies.


Maroi African Hunting Safaris has a well-maintained fleet of customised Toyota Land Cruisers. These vehicles have custom made seats allowing the hunter and professional hunter to spot game off in the distance, giving the hunting party an advantage. Comfortable chairs allow the hunter to hunt all day without getting sore or uncomfortable. A coolerbox is filled with ice cold drinks to quench the hunters’ thirst during the warm Bushveld days.


We cater for hunts from 7 days to 21 days depending on the number of animals that is sought. The ideal duration is 10 days to ensure you a successful Safari. Your safari will be discussed with you in full detail prior to your arrival.


All guests must have fully comprehensive insurance cover, including full medical, emergency medical air evacuation and repatriation cover. Please make sure that your belongings are adequately insured before you go on Safari.

Maroi African Hunting Safaris, its agents and associates cannot be held responsible or liable for loss, damage, or theft of personal luggage and belongings, nor can they be held liable for personal injury, accident or illness. However, all reasonable precautions to ensure the good health and safety of clients will be taken by us.

We also advise that you take out insurance on any valuable items (i.e. cameras, binoculars, etc.) that you may be carrying and that you take these on as carry -on luggage when you board your flights.


We offer you daily breakfast, lunch and dinner with a selection of basic alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages included. In addition, please feel free to request snacks or drinks at any time during your stay with us.

Our meals consist mostly of game meat dishes, chicken and beef. Please inform us about any special dietary requirements you may have.

Our water supply is drinkable but we recommend our guests to use filtered / bottled water.

Snack boxes with fruits, nuts, sweets and candy bars and cool boxes with water, sodas, juice and beer will always be on the hunting vehicle. It is important to keep well hydrated during a hunt.


We offer a daily laundry service and our rooms are serviced daily.

We have an electricity supply of 220 Volts. Adapters are available but we recommend that you purchase additional adapters at the airport.

The swimming pool, outdoor dining and bar area are available for your use at any time of the day.


Many local people and some travellers do not take malaria prophylaxis, but most health professionals recommend you do. Consult your doctor or a specialist travel clinic for the latest advice concerning malaria prophylaxis, as it changes regularly.

Whether you take oral prophylaxis or not, always use mosquito repellent and wear long pants, closed shoes and light long-sleeved shirts at night. It is advisable to avoid malarial areas if you are pregnant.

The air conditioning in our rooms is a good aid in keeping the mosquitoes at bay. We also provide you with insect repellent in the rooms.

Any prescription medication must be accompanied by a letter from a general practitioner.

Any over the counter medication needed can be obtained from local pharmacies


During your stay at Maroi African Hunting Safaris you will see a wide variety of wild animals, including giraffe, zebra, nyala, eland, waterbuck, kudu, impala, etc. The animals are wild but not dangerous. As long as you keep your distance and respect their territory, you will not be harmed.

Dangerous game like Buffalo, Crocodiles, Hippo and Leopard might also be spotted during a hunt and it is absolutely crucial to always listen and adhere to the Professional hunter and his instructions in these cases while on youir South African Hunting Safaris Experience.


South Africa is currently using a GSM mobile phone system. We recommend that you check your connectivity with your cellular phone service provider beforehand. We do offer a free WI-FI connection which is available. A password can be obtained at the Lodge upon arrival.


Tipping/ Gratuities are entirely voluntary. We have however provided an outline of a recommended tipping policy for the convenience of those guests seeking guidance: 

ZAR 500.00 per room per day

(ZAR 200.00 guide, ZAR 200.00 general staff; ZAR 100.00 Chef)


We are committed to provide you, our client, with the most unforgettable African experience. Our professional hunters are skilled, ethical sportsman who will ensure that you look back on your safari, and the manner in which each trophy was taken, with pride. To us, not only the trophy, but the entire experience, is paramount. Our concessions are regarded as the finest hunting blocks in Southern Africa. When hunting with Maroi African Hunting Safaris, we place the emphasis on the thrill of the chase. On your return home, we want the memories of the sights, sounds, people, smells and the atmosphere of Africa to haunt you until you return.

Hunting plays a major role in our conservation efforts in Africa - to this end the manner in which we hunt, the animals we select as trophies and the ethical professional image we portray as hunters, will ensure that hunting always remains a critical factor in the conservation of our game.

We will do our utmost to select top quality trophy specimens for you, which will be hunted in fair chase. To do this, you will be required at times to walk fair distances, endure heat, thirst and cold, and after all this, make a good clean shot. lt is essential that you practice with your firearms prior to your arrival in Africa. Go ahead, use the bench at your shooting range to sight in your rifle, but also practice sitting, prone and offhand shots.

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